Results through Enjoyment and a Positive Environment

The Canterbury Ballet dancer is trained in a multiple of dance genre including Jazz, Neo Classical, Character and Contemporary. Our dancers are able to fuse the knowledge gleaned from all of the subjects they study, emerging as  well-rounded, versalite, expressive and imaginative artists with excellent technique and strong ethics. 

The Training at Canterbury Ballet School has been designed into levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance expertise of each student. Students are elevated at the conclusion of each year according to their progress, in a systematic and progressive manner.

Joy of Dance Program Levels 

Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Advanced. 

This program forms the foundation of our training.  All our students experience high quality tuition in several genre. This holistic approach produces versatile technically and artistically competent dancers who may explore their abilities and discover their strengths and preferences and enables them to avail themselves of the many dance related opportunities offered in schools and the community. This program builds the foundations in Technique and artistry for Elite training when students decide to specialize.   All students are accepted. 

Full time Secondary Division

In 2014 Canterbury Ballet forged a partnership with Ao Tawhiti, Unllimited for Secondary School Students. The Secondary Students attend their dance classes each morning from 8.30am to 12.00pm. They also attend three days of the evening program. These dancers can persue their ambition to become a professional dancer without compromising  Academic study and qualifications. 

Full Time Primary Division 

 In 2015 Canterbury Ballet forged a partnership with Ao Tawhiti Discovery School and several other Primary schools in Christchurch which enables talented young dancers to train daily from 1.00pm - 4.00pm. To our knowledge this is the only fulltime program for Primary school students available in New Zealand. The program supports the young dancer who has made an early decision to becoming a professional dancer and enables young New Zealand dancers to keep up with their international peers. Admission is strictly by audition only.


As our  Alumni confirms, Canterbury Ballet has been successfully producing many professional dancers over the past thirty years. Students from all over New Zealand and Internationally, after a successful audition either in person or by DVD, have joined the Program.  This program specializes in giving students the technical base to prepare them for their careers. Often those who are already professional but wish to apply for larger Companies attend this program for six months.  By audition or Invitation only.

Examination Studies

Examinations are offered in Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and British Ballet Organisation (BBO).

Performance Studies

Performances form a regular part or the Canterbury Ballet annual calendar. 



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