After School Classes and Programs

Tutu Petites Level One 

A charming once per week class where our budding ballerinas can wear their tutus and learn all the basics of ballet from the positions to how to be spatially aware (avoid bumping into our fellow dancers!!), keep in time with the music while co ordinating all our limbs in the basic movements of dance. Caregivers can also attend class and share in the special experience of seeing their wee dance grow in confidence and ability.

Tutu Petites Level Two We keep practicing all of the skills in Level one but our Tutus have grown a little!! We also try to make floor patterns with our class members and learn to link steps and stretch our bodies ready to be Junior Ballet Students. We are also ready to use our imaginations and learn how to develop ideas with movement and dance.

Junior Dancer - (5 - 7yrs)

We are now ready to take on some more classical steps, link them and dance with others. We further the use of our imaginations and explore characterization and story telling through dance. Some of us even wish to show how good we are by sitting our first examination but that is not compulsory. We are ready to perform in our first big ballet with the rest of the Canterbury Ballet dancers. We can sometimes go to Free Fridays and try out some tricky steps with the senior dancers!!!. We also learn how to do the splits so that we can dance really well.

Intermediate Dancer - (8 - 10)

We now really want to know what makes a good dancer and learn all about this. We are focusing of learning which muscles help us achieve the shapes we need to make. We are getting really fit now and love to perform and learn about the Ballet's. We now have quite a good vocabulary of steps and can be included in a much of the performances. We also can learn another genre. There is Jazz dance and choreography class available for us to attend if we have the time.

Senior Dancer - (11 - 13)

We can perform most of the seven movements of dance and are now able to audition for major roles in the Performances. We get to buy our first pair of pointe shoes. So, so exciting !! Some of us are be invited to join the Elite program which means that the teachers will work with us to make us as beautiful as we can possibly be but we need to be committed as we need to attend several extra classes. The great thing is that we still stay in touch with our friends in JOD as our Elite classes are just extra to the standard program. There are all sorts of opportunities. Some of our senior dancers joined the Advanced dancers and Danced in Prague at the International Competition in 2011. They were placed second in the world for Choreography and were also the Directors Choice as the Best there. Those of us who wish are encouraged to choreograph and help with the younger dancers at the school to encourage and help them.

Advanced - (14 and over)

We attend class as often as we like at this level. Some of us just love to dance but some have decided that being a dancer is the career that we want. We perform in the Repertoire Ballet's and work with several tutors on the faculty. We study classical repertoire and are dancing on pointe a lot so that we can become really strong. Again examinations and Productions form part of our program and develop us into beautiful confident dancers. Some of us will join the Alumni and take our place on the stage somewhere in the world as professional dancers. Others of us will be so pleased that we committed ourselves to train for a long time and aspire to being excellent as the skills we learnt the wonderful friends that we made set us up for life. Being part of the Canterbury Ballet family is very special.



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